2nd Annual Michael Jackson Flashmob Tribute. Ferry Building Plaza, San Francisco. June 25, 2010. FREE.

26 06 2010

You know it’s a good sign when Frank Chu, PLANT TREES, and D. Miles Jr. are all there at the start of your party, along with half a dozen other unique San Francisco icons that I recognize but don’t have their urls. All the planets were in perfect alignment for this one.

There was a moment where Deep took the microphone and was teasing all the people on the steps of the tower for not participating. “C’mon, all you bloggers. It’s OK to dance” But it’s true. A year ago the steps to the tower were filled with skaters. Now it’s all bloggers.

Video courtesy of Kevin Syoza


“It’s OK. You can sing, San Francisco. Don’t be embarrassed. C’mon Hippsters!”

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009. FREE.

Amandeep Jawa (Flashdance) and D Miles Jr (Skatin’ Place) vs SFPD. San Francisco Halloween 2009. FREE.

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009. FREE.

4 08 2009

Deep just won a Best of The Bay Award for Best Block-Rockin’ Bike in the city. Score! It’s all kinds of awesome whenever someone wins one of those one-of-a-kind awards that the writers of the Guardian made up specifically for that person. That’s a very unique gift, it’s a very public compliment that was just broadcast out there for all of San Francisco to see. Definitely gives you some unique street cred as well.

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009 1.5

I got to the Embarcadero Plaza at exactly 8PM. No flashdance party but there was something else going on. I went over to investigate and discovered that some high school kids already had their own flashmob going on and were breakdance fighting. Awesome!

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009 1

That Hansel is so hot right now!

Anyhoo, my party was setting up nearby at the Ferry Plaza.

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009 3

And into the night it went.

Flashdance Party at the Ferry Plaza. August 1st, 2009 7

I really like this part of town. The Embarcadero is a great location for flashmob types of events. This is where Critical Mass starts every month. This is also where they had the Valentine Day pillow fight that caused $30,000 in damages to that god-ugly fountain and was the catalyst for the city’s Death of Fun campaign. It’s almost a textbook definition of how to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone. Normally it’s occupied by skaters, tourists, and homeless guys passed out in a pool of their own vomit, but I really like it. I live for free outdoor parties and it’s the renegade ones that have that added thrill that acts like a magnet and attracts some of the more interesting people in this city. This party is fast becoming one of my new favorite San Francisco rituals.

You can find out more about the next flashdance party over HERE


Rad video of the parties Bollywood peak from raunet.

I’m telling you, The Embarcadero is an amazing place for renegade parties. It has a lot of character.


Michael Jackson Flash Mob in San Francisco. 2009. FREE