And That’s A Wrap –

2 01 2010

I want to thank all of you who have kept me company and/or humored me during my little 2009 sabbatical.

I especially want to thank sfist, Curbed SF, CBS Eye on Blogs , The Sunset District Events Calendar , deep trouble , The First Church of the Last Laugh and anyone else I might have forgotten that either linked to my stories or had nice things to say about this page.

I don’t think I want to shut this site down entirely, but my classes start next week so I am going to decommission this blog to hibernate status while I focus on my studies. I’m telling you, this is a horrible time to try and find a job and a great time to be a student again.

Good luck to you all in your future endeavors in 2010 and beyond.

And stay weird, San Francisco.


PS – I’m still a big geek for all things weird and unique to The Outer Sunset.

If you’ve discovered any kind of Outer Sunset art car, quirky house, cool mural, great scenic view, engaging architecture, public art space, or shrine please tell me about it in the comments section of this post and I shall do my best to document it. Thank you. I live for stuff like this.



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10 01 2010

Both this website and Janice’s “Sunset Style” blog continue to delight me with wacky and wonderful pictures of my neighborhood. Thanks and happy new year!

19 01 2010
Luba Muzichenko

While not weird, the 2 unit building for sale on Great Highway has some KICK ASS views which are pretty unique – and the backyard alone makes the place worth the purchase price (outdoor shower AND a bonfire pit!) Hope you don’t mind the plug, but it really is an awesome house that really screams “SF Beach House” on SO many levels!

17 02 2010

Just found your website while randomly searching the internet about the Sunset. You’ve got a great perspective on our neighborhood and made me think of the Sunset in a very different way. Thank you. Hope you find more time to blog. By the way, I live near the red kung fu house that you envision writing an X-Men story about. It’s actually a monastery for chinese monks. Every once in while you’ll see one walking down the street. Like Caine from Kung Fu.

24 03 2010

What/where will you be studying?

24 03 2010
Michael Bolger

Paralegal at SFSU-CEL @ Market and 5th St.

It’s weird being gone all this time. But, Fuck.

I’ve missed San Francisco.

And now I’m right back there in the heart of it. Frank Chu, Vietnam Tom, people committing suicide by jumping of the Forever 21 building right before class, drunk homeless people talking to/harassing you about comic books and speed on the N Judah, potential fights squashed with a handshake on the 71, it’s all there unfolding right in front of my eyes every single day.

Miracles are what happens when God intervenes, but what do you call it when a city intervenes? What do you call it when San Francisco jumps in to squash a debate?

I don’t know what to call that, but I’m seeing it now again on a weekly basis.

I Heart SF.

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