DJ Dan Live at Love Fest. San Francisco. 2007. FREE

31 03 2009

Love Fest last year was amazing. They were predicting it to be rained in, but the storm that was passing through town hit on Friday night and by early Saturday it was sunny and clear. There’s something about the collective energy of people praying for sun for their free outdoor daytime party that makes the party that much more special when we’re able to actually pull it off.

Also, it went till 8PM! Normally every single event I’ve ever been too at Civic Center stopped at 6PM sharp. Not sure how they got the extra hours but things went even more nuts once the sun went down. It’s equally amazing that they were able to throw this massive free party without any of the riots that seem to be in fashion these days in Oakland. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this party going a little while longer.

DJ Dan has been called the #1 rave DJ in America several times over. I wouldn’t disagree with that statement. I have about 10-12 of his old cassette tapes, 3-4 of his CDs, and 50-60 of his mp3 that I’ve downloaded online. I’m pretty familiar with his body of work and my favorite era is the live Funky Tekno Tribe cassette tape mixes from the mid 1990s. This was during a period when Dan had just moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and was experimenting with more progressive house records. This was also during the exact same time that I had moved to San Francisco from San Diego and was experimenting with how much fun I could have in a single week. It was a glorious time to be a raver in the Bay Area.

This is a clip of Dan stepping up to the decks at Love Fest from 2 years ago.

I love it because he was able to take an 80’s hair band rift, loop it, and then fit it perfectly into the formula of your classic rave anthem.

Very creative, yet simple idea. Perfect execution.


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Metallica Live at a Raiders Tailgate Party. Oakland. 2003. FREE

30 03 2009

Like most people, I haven’t paid that much attention to Metallica since junior high school but I will say there was a period around 2003 where they were doing some interesting shows. They did a secret show at Kimos, they took a page from Johnny Cash and did a show at San Quentin, and probably the most unique, they did a free tailgate show at a Raiders game.

Master of Puppets is an amazing studio song and very easy to massacre live. Even with all its flaws, I like this performance a lot for no other reason that Metallica is all decked out in Raiders gear. I’m not a sports guy at all. I have no idea who is on what team and honestly don’t care, but I love the Raiders uniform. It doesn’t matter if you’re into speed metal or gangster rap, if you dress in black and have an alpha male vibe going on then the Raiders uniform is already built into your look. Black is timeless. It’ll never go out of style.

And look at that logo. While other teams have sharks or tigers or bears, what is the Raider’s brand? A guy who’s visually impaired, handicapped some would say, that’s been stabbed in the head. Twice. What kind of turn-of-the-century, Gangs of New York mentality is it to chop that guy’s head off and parade it around as your team’s mascot?! It’s a hell of an icon though…

You can’t see any of them in this video, but I love the glam faction of the Raider Nation. Its part fanboy homage to 1970’s KISS meets Hello Kitty Vader .

Go get your GWAR on!

Cheer up Emo Raider kid. It’s not that bad.

Now if only I could somehow harness the awesome marketing power of this demographic to do my bidding …

Hippy Hill on a Sunday. FREE

27 03 2009

The best things in Life aren’t things.

The Outer Sunset Has FREE Curbside Parking Right By The Beach.

25 03 2009

free parking at the beach

How beautiful is that?

I grew up in Hawaii and San Diego so I grew up around this happy-go-lucky, tropical, party beach culture and was kind turned-off and a little frightened by Ocean Beach when I first moved here. Most of the time it’s really foggy and overcast. Like if London and Russia combined forces to bioengineer the most depressing beach possible. Anyone touching the water had bodysuits, homeless people constantly swimming MUNI upstream to die alone, and Elliot Smith haunted that walkway.

Guys walking by themselves.
Wearing sunglasses and staring at the ground.
Thinking about all the mistakes in their life.
As they walked past tagged-up dead beached whales.
Before being jacked-up from behind.

It was kind of a downer beach.

But I discovered quickly that even on foggy summer days the beach was beautiful at night. I could open any window of my house and hear it all night. I could hear any car that drove by me from at least a few blocks away, but I could hear the ocean all night.

And on sunny weekdays this place is a beautifully eerie and deserted rust bucket. I love it.

This is The Great Highway.

ocean beach 1

ocean beach 2

ocean beach 4

ocean beach 6

I was here when the Burning Man People had a free art opening for the first of their new bonfire pits last year.

ocean beach 7

It was WINDY AS FUCK. I remember almost Burning Man dust storm conditions with this Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude drawn to the fire that would not shut up. Unsuspecting couples would be walking up to the fires from out of the dust storms and thinking that Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude was part of the local Burning Man charm without realizing that local rangers had told Crazy Turrets Homeless Dude to shut up while other people were giving speeches at least 3 times now and it wasn’t working. There was instant blind cooperation among strangers and the local Sunset beach cops busting DPW guys for drinking on the beach. Proof that The Universe really does have a sense of humor. I thought it was a nice effort on the Burning Man People’s part, but honestly I wondered how long the fire pits would survive before being tagged-up or destroyed. But check it out now that it’s completed in 2009 –

ocean beach 8

Nowhere near the level of trash that used to collect around the old city bonfire pits and no tagging! That’s amazing.

I like this partially bloomed flower / acorn design the best.

ocean beach 11

That 45-degree angle is a great design and is a hell of a lot more practical in blocking the wind, which is essential to starting and maintaining your fire under windy as fuck conditions. I was cruising by at 4:20 and there was already a fire going in the acorn fire pit with girls playing music and dancing nearby.

ocean beach 9

ocean beach 10

Good times.

Also, by Burning Man People I mean a combination of The Black Rock Arts Foundation and Burners Without Borders. I just like referring to them as Burning Man People, which has a nice ring to it. Like Children of The Corn.

Lords Of Sunset

23 03 2009

Lords Of Sunset. 3

Lords Of Sunset. 1

I love the wide-open streets of The Sunset. I know that bugs some people who argue that we could easily put in a median divider with trees but I like it just the way it is. Maybe it’s because the rest of the city is already too claustrophobic. Maybe it’s because all the SUVs that we’re building these days are too big for those streets anyway. I love these wide-open, super-sized streets of The Sunset that just fall out into the beach or just fall off a cliff.

Lords Of Sunset. 2

It also makes for some killer skating videos. I discovered this one directed by Matt Stanley the other day. I love all the loud tacky colored homes in the background; the bright lime florescent green house just a few feet down from the Pepto-Bismol florescent pink house. It feels like it could be the backdrop to a cheap 1980’s video game, but we really do live like this out here.

The Outer Sunset Has Some Killer Views.

21 03 2009

Grand View Park 1

That hill with the trees to the left of Sutro Tower is Grand View Park and is one of the hidden gems of San Francisco.

Technically, it’s more in the Inner Sunset’s jurisdiction but I have this whole Outer Sunset url and Outer Sunset theme going on right now so I’m going to give it some air time anyway.

I love the job they did on the stairs too.

Grand View Park 3

Grand View Park 4

Grand View Park 5

Grand View Park 6

Grand View Park 7

Grand View Park 8

What looks like an empty parking lot to the left is the Sunset reservoir, it’s one of my favorite places to watch the sunset. You can easily see it on a sunny day as the giant empty parking lot in the South West part of the city whenever you’re flying in or out of San Francisco.

I also love those wide streets that just fall into the ocean.

The streets of The Outer Sunset are a skater’s paradise and sunny days like this make it all worthwhile.

The Outer Sunset Has Loud Advertising.

19 03 2009

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset .75

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 3

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 2

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 8

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 9

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 10

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset 11

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset1JPG

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset4

Loud Advertising in The Outer

Loud Advertising in The Outer Sunset6

All of the cigarettes and liquor banners have their own Paul’s Boutique charm, but I’ve always been kind of fond of the Chinese advisements.

Just like in Blade Runner, it’s kind of an obvious reminder that you are somewhere exotic. You’re a stranger in a strange land and (in my case) you don’t even know how to speak the language. But even so, this is your neighborhood. This is where you live.

That’s why I always thought The Outer Sunset would make a perfect backdrop for the next Twin Peak’s David Lynch type show.

The funny part being that Twin Peaks is another neighborhood in San Francisco, so The Outer Sunset already has it’s own built-in market gimmick.

That and the fact that I don’t live in Twin Peaks so I don’t have many pictures of that place and really have no idea what that scene is all about.